Our Advertisement Plans

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Online advertising is featured within select sections of the Sports Edge's website. Advertisers who want to advertise must ensure their ads meet the Sports Edge dot in's principles for advertising. Please Call us +91 999.301.8769 or send email at : dsrajawat@gmail.com. we definitely helps you to provide high-quality information and assistance.
  • Startup 20k/-
    • 728X90px
    • 30 days
    • gif animation or slide show/ flash
    • Best value combo pack Get 5% bonus point before 31st booking Min 2000/- impressions
    Basic INR 10k/-
    • 300x300px
    • 20 days
    • gif animation or slide show
    • Best value sever pack Get 50% with main page 728X90px booking Min 1000/- impressions
  • Pro INR 50k/-
    • 600x600 fullpage
    • 30 days
    • gif animation or slide show video PPT
    • Best value Big pack Get 728X90px free Min 5,000/- impressions
  • Ultimate  1lac/-
    • Full coverage ad
    • 30 days
    • gif animation or slide show video/flash ppt
    • Super Brading value pack One year 300x300px add free* Min 10,000/- impressions