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Covering all the aspects and areas of sports is where our focus lies. Sports Edge is a sports news web portal making the sports lovers get news from all the fields of sports and games at one stop. From the grounds of cricket, football, tennis to the speedy sports including races like grand prix, formula F1, etc., reaching the chessboard, athletics, boxing rings and shooting fields, we try to cover every game you need to follow by being at one place.  
Due to the leveraging sources hitting the news channels and websites, we have cut down the long lengthy areas of news to just your favorite one, sports. Under one roof, we claim to provide you all the sports news bulletins and news updates at short span of time. The sports news gets updated on the daily span.  
Our division of sections into various sports gives you separate look at every game, this helps in quick views and latest updates related to that particular game and highlights the on-going events with the event’s updates such as scoreboard, game schedule, leader’s board.
  The sports news on Sports Edge is not only about the news updates but it also focuses upon the players and their performances in the respective areas of games. We deliver you the comprehensive and amusing content about the sports and the teams in the respective areas. We are passionate about every game and every team we cover in our portal, we believe in bringing the bit of details in form of the news about them.  
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